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Custom Software Design Technologies
Our Custom software solutions are the best in the market. We pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction. NeoTekSystems will architect your project to perform reliably and be cost effective. We are capable of producing desktop and internet/intranet applications. Our programmers have built solutions for various markets and scales. We use proven database mapping technology through our partner Llbl Gen Pro for a solid, robust business solution. All projects are thoroughly tested before release and we will remain available to the client after completion for repairs and modifications. NeoTekSystems knows the importance of communication and we will report our progress to you on a regular basis. If possible test apps will be provided to keep your company up to date on our progress and give you a chance to make informed comments and suggestions along the way. If your organization has a need for a custom software solution contact NeoTekSystems today. • ASP.NET
• VB
• VBScript
• JavaScript
• C#
• C/C++
• SQL Reporting Services
• SQL Analysis Services
• Business Intelligence
• LLBLGen Pro database ORM technology
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